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Latest Laser Treatment for Redness/Rosacea

Our Harmony XL Pro laser machine offers a non-surgical option for treating a flushed complexion.

Broken blood vessels are not considered medically harmful, but can definitely spoil the complexion, making it appear red and flushed. These fine, red veins and capillaries are simply enlarged blood vessels which become visible as they rise closer to the surface of the skin than normal. They are quite often found on the nose or cheeks and are difficult to hide with makeup.

harmony laser londonLaser Treatment for Facial Veins

Advanced laser treatment with the Harmony XL Pro provides an excellent solution to treating facial veins.

Smaller capillaries or veins can be removed in just one treatment using selective IPL. Larger veins or ‘patches’ of veins may require a series of treatments, but each session will show an improvement.

The laser works by targeting the targeting and destroying the visible blood vessels. The veins will then shrink and disappear over a few weeks, so that the skin appears natural and normal again. Blood simply flows through other veins which are deeper beneath the surface of the skin and therefore not visible.

Before & After Treatment Results

Laser for Redness & Rosacea
Consultation £25* Book
<3 red spots from £120 Book
Cheeks from £135 Book
Cheeks, nose & chin
(popular option)
from £175 Book
Neck from £135 Book
Chest from £175 Book
Full face from £220 Book
Face, neck & chest from £250 Book

These prices are subject to change at any time. Exact prices depend on examination of the area being treated and will be confirmed at your consultation.

Laser Vein Treatment Consultation

*Consultation/patch test is £25 for neck, chest and full face areas. This is redeemable against a course of treatments booked on the day of consultation.

See also laser pigmentation treatments.

6th Session FREE

Pay for a course of 5 treatments and receive a 6th free of charge.  
Courses must be booked ahead and paid for in full to qualify.

More Than One Treatment?

If clients decide to have 2 courses of Harmony treatment, the cheapest course is half price e.g. ClearLift and Acne (treatments must be done at same time).

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With Harmony XL Pro, at Cosmedics Beauty, London

Please Note

Treatment results may vary from person to person according to individual experience and the condition being treated. See our terms and conditions for more information.

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