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Semi-Permanent Makeup

microblading cosmedicsMicroblading is a revolution for anyone who wants better brow definition with longer-lasting results.

Microblading is a treatment which creates fuller and more defined eyebrows using a form of semi-permanent makeup. Using a hand-held blade, the Beauty Therapist will create a series of tiny natural hair-like strokes. These are individually applied to mimic natural hairs, using a carefully chosen blend of colours to look as natural as possible.

It is an excellent solution for sparse, thin, patchy or over plucked brows where there is little or no hair. Microblading can also extend the eyebrows and improve the shape and definition as well as density.

Microblading treatment is sometimes referred to as facial tattooing, as it involves placing a pigment under the skin. However, there are a number of differences and this is better referred to as ‘cosmetic tattooing’ or ‘semi-permanent makeup’. The pigment does not go as deep, strokes are carried out by hand instead of using a machine and results are not permanent – they last around 10-18 months, after which the treatment can be repeated and also adjusted for any changes in hair colour or style.

The finished look is natural, yet strong – something that has made microblading very popular.

Microblading Prices
Microblading with Sienna, including op up treatment after 4-6 weeks £250 Book


Before & After Results

Please scroll through to see Microblading eyebrow results by Sienna at Cosmedics Beauty, Putney, London

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