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ClearLiftTM Comprehensive Nd:Yag Laser Treatment

clearlift-laserClearLift has swiftly become our most popular laser treatment today. 

The treatment uses advanced technology to stimulate and boost the skin.

The beauty of ClearLift is that it is a very versatile procedure.  It is safe for all skin types, including thin/delicate face/neck/decolletage areas and can benefit clients of all ages. 

Single Treatment – Skin Booster

Choose a single treatment for a quick lift to your skin – you’ll get instantly more radiant and healthy-looking skin. This is ideal before a night out or special event.

  • Skin brightening – get a healthy glow
  • A ‘lunchtime procedure’ with virtually no discomfort 
  • Improve pores
  • Smoother-looking skin texture
  • Little or no downtime depending on whether Clearlift 4D or normal clearlift is performed – 4D treatment can occasionally cause some pinprick redness that can be covered with makeup and typically lasts only a few days

Course of Treatments – Anti-Ageing

Booking a course of ClearLift treatments goes further, as results build up with each successive treatment. 

  • Stimulation of cell renewal, collagen and elastin production within the skin
  • Skin remodelling and lifting, reducing laxity and improving tone and definition
  • Improving wrinkles, lines
  • Improving sun damage, patchy skin discolouration
  • Addressing areas of uneven skin tone or pigmentation for lighter skin with a reduction in visible blemishes

Before & After ClearLiftTM Treatment

Results Photos

ClearLiftTM Treatment Prices
Price per Treatment
Consultation £25* Book
Eyes from £120 Book
Lower face from £135 Book
Eyes + lower face from £175 Book
Full face from £200 Book
Face + neck from £250 Book

These prices are subject to change at any time. Exact prices depend on examination of the area being treated and will be confirmed at your consultation.

 Laser treatment consultation

Consultation/patch test is £25, this is redeemable against a course of treatments booked on the day of consultation.

6th Session FREE

Pay for a course of 5 treatments and receive a 6th free of charge.  
Courses must be booked ahead and paid for in full to qualify.

More than one treatment?

If clients decide to have 2 courses of Harmony treatment, the cheapest course is half price e.g. ClearLift and Acne (treatments must be done at same time).

ClearLiftTM Nd:Yag Laser Technology

With ClearLift, our Harmony XL Pro laser machine offers the most comprehensive Q-Switched Nd:Yag available today. The first fractional non-ablative Q-Switched laser treatment is based on a unique method of energy dispersion for comfortable and effective treatment, by combining:

  • harmony laser londonnarrow pulse widths
  • multiple peaks of energy
  • photo acoustic shockwaves
  • high laser intensities
  • nanosecond pulses

The mechanical Q-Switched effect creates optimal results on all skin types

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With Harmony XL Pro, at Cosmedics Beauty, London

Please Note

Treatment results may vary from person to person according to individual experience and the condition being treated. See our terms and conditions for more information.

How does ClearLift laser remodel your skin?

Sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles are natural symptoms of aging, but you don’t have to settle for a look that you don’t love. 🙎‍♀ Our laser treatment stimulates and accelerates natural rejuvenation processes within your skin. learn more on our #HarmonyXLPro blog>>

Posted by Alma Lasers International on Thursday, 1 November 2018

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