POPSUGAR: Never Wax or Pluck Nose Hair

popsugarNobody wants to see hairs growing out of the nose, but is waxing or plucking OK for this area? POPSUGAR asked experts about whether such forms of hair removal area safe and sensible in this area.

Hair removal expert Dr Ross Perry, founder of Cosmedics Skin Clinics, was asked for his expert advice. He explained:

“By waxing the nose hair away, you’re in fact removing a layer of protection.”

“You could also do damage to the skin.”

The nose is lined with many hairs that serve a variety of purposes. They filter the air, keeping dirt and debris out of the lungs. They also reduce the amount of bacteria we breathe in, protecting against infection and illness.

Plucking or waxing are both frowned upon as they interfere with the body’s natural defence system. They can also cause ingrown hair which is very uncomfortable. For those who suffer from unacceptably long and unsightly nasal hair, a simple trim is the best solution. You can now purchase nasal hair trimmers relatively easily for the purpose.

If your problem is about the nose hairs being too itchy, Dr Ross Perry recommended using chia oil to soften the hairs and minimise irritation.

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Facial Hair Removal Options

While hair inside the nose should be considered with caution, there are options for dealing with unwanted or unsightly hair on other parts of the face. Facial hair removal is now a very popular treatment at Cosmedics Beauty based in Putney. So if you struggle with hair on the top lip or cheeks, there are professional hair removal options that can deal with it quickly, efficiently and potentially (in the case of laser hair removal) with very long term results.

Treatment is held in comfortable and private treatment rooms conveniently located off Putney high street. Cosmedics Beauty, 4 Disraeli Road, Putney, London, SW15 2DS.


The traditional way of whipping away unwanted hair is to use hot wax and this is still a popular option for fast results. For facial treatments, a hot wax is generally recommended as this is better suited to sensitive areas. Results will last several weeks and treatment can then be repeated.

Cosmedics Beauty offer waxing for face and body at their Putney Beauty Salon on Disraeli Road, just off Putney High Street.


Laser Hair Removal

For long lasting results, Cosmedics Beauty offers the latest Soprano ICE laser hair removal system. This can work with all skin types and offers a fast and pain-free way of getting rid of unwanted hair, systematically destroying the follicles’ ability to grow hair. Over a course of treatment, the amount of hair left is gradually reduced with each session.


Cosmedics Beauty

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Skin treatment options include advanced Harmony laser treatments for  the signs of ageing as well as conditions such as acne, rosacea or pigmentation. The beauty centre also offers CACI non-surgical skin toning, iPixel YAG laser skin resurfacing, TIXEL thermal fractional rejuvenation, mesotherapy, dermastamp, dermaroller, Guinot/Hydradermie and more! The latest addition is the HydraFacial, which offers extraordinary results with no downtime.

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