5 Things We Never Knew About Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removal offerWhile there are some who like to wear their hair with pride, there are many among us who value smoothness below the eyebrows. Yet, there inevitably comes a time after a certain amount of nursing the sore red spots left by wax or dabbing up the blood from razor cuts when we all wonder if the pursuit of beauty is worth all the nicks and soreness that come with personal maintenance. And while laser hair removal can be the perfect antidote to all that, we don’t blame people for having misgivings. For some it all might seem a little too Star Wars for their tastes. Nonetheless, laser hair removal is a convenient and perfectly safe way for men and women alike to assure long lasting silky smoothness.

In the interests of dispelling myths and misconceptions around this awesomely effective but sadly misunderstood beauty treatment, we’ve scoured the internet for some fascinating facts that you may not have known about laser hair removal…

It’s important to shave before a session

Yes, we know it’s called laser hair removal but the laser surgery is actually about impeding future hair growth rather than lopping off hairs with lasers like Luke Skywalker carving his way through Stormtroopers.

Then again, we concede that laser hair growth impediment just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

soprano iceIt’s a lot less painful than waxing

Like any beauty treatment, laser hair removal can provoke fear of pain and discomfort. But the truth is that laser hair removal is significantly less painful than waxing. And that’s a ‘normal’ laser hair removal system.

The top end of treatment systems like the Soprano ICE one we have at Cosmedics Beauty are actually ‘pain-free’, thanks to inbuilt cooling methods.

It takes less time than watching an episode of your favourite soap

We get that you’re busy with places to go and people to see. Thus the idea of sparing hours and hours to get your follicles zapped might not fit in with your jam packed schedule. But many of our clients are surprised to learn that laser hair removal actually takes time than watching an episode of your favourite soap. In fact, it can be done in as little as 10 minutes. So you don’t need to disrupt your career, parenting or lifestyle in the pursuit of immaculate smoothness!

Two people can have the exact same treatment and get different results

Laser hair can be more effective for some people than others. Two people can have the exact same procedure and emerge with visibly different results. Typically, people with thick, dark hair and light skin are the best candidates for these treatments because the laser is able to easily detect the hair follicle. The closer your hair colour is to your skin colour, the harder it is for the laser to pick out the follicle and for your treatment to be effective. Nonetheless, lasers are always improving.

It’s more affordable than you might think!

Finally, you may be surprised to learn that like any technology, laser surgery has become more and more affordable than it was at the time it first arrived in the beauty world. To get an upfront and honest quote about a treatment, get in touch with us today.


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