Names Top List of Regretted Tattoos

unwanted tattoosA research into tattoo trends in the UK has highlighted that tattoos of someone’s name top the list of designs that people most want to get rid of. 

A OnePoll survey of 1,000 UK residents who admitted regretting their tattoos revealed that 31% of males and 24% of females regretted getting a person’s name inked on them.

This is perhaps because one of the most popular reasons for getting a tattoo is as an expression of love, affection or admiration. Over the long term, relationships and allegiances can change, which can leave the tattoo as an embarrassing or painful reminder.

Other designs that were commonly regretted were, for women, stars/constellation designs (15%) and Asian characters – perhaps an indication of changing fashions and personal likes.

12% of men also came to regret Asian character tattoos and 13% regretted tribal themes.

Yet over 20% of those surveyed had spent literally ‘no time at all’ – less than a day – planning their tattoo and are now left with a permanent inking to regret forever.

As an estimated 1 in 5 UK adults now have a tattoo, many are now regretting their decisions and seeking a means of removing those markings.

Laser Tattoo Removal

The good news is that there is now a safe and effective solution for getting rid of unwanted tattoos. The survey revealed that this was the most popular route for dealing with tattoos:

  • 29.5% wanted tattoo removal but had not yet had it
  • 24.5% had already had tattoo removal
  • 28.3% would cover it up rather than removing it
  • 17.7% would just leave it and not cover it up

London-based Cosmedics Beauty offers laser tattoo removal treatment using advanced technology to break down the dark and coloured inks, reducing the pigmentation in the skin to allow normal skin to reappear again.

It takes a course of treatment to get the best results, but clients are pleased to notice that from the very first session, the tattoo starts to blur. Fading will continue between sessions as the ink continues to be broken down and absorbed.

Laser tattoo removal can be used on facial tattoos as well as those on the body, as the laser is very safe and treatment is kept comfortable thanks to inbuilt cooling.

Harmony XL Pro

harmony laser londonCosmedics Beauty use the Harmony XL PRO laser system for laser tattoo removal.

  • Advanced laser system has Q-switched Nd:YAG technology
  • Can effectively treat dark tattoo inks including black as well as multi-coloured tattoos
  • Safe system with minimal risk of scarring or hypopigmentation

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