Tattoo Makeovers vs Laser Tattoo Removal

Having a tattoo redesigned into something else might sound like a fun way of changing its appearance but adding more ink and making the design bigger might just be making matters worse in the long term. Laser tattoo removal offers a solution for getting rid of the tattoo altogether. 

People can fall out of love with tattoos for a great many reasons. It could be the content – a past boyfriend or boyband for example – or just simply that it wasn’t done well – maybe on a drunk holiday – or it’s not very pretty. So what do you do when you need not to see it any more?

For those stuck with an ugly or inappropriate tattoo, having a tattoo turned into a different design (as per Channel 4’s Tattoo Fixers) might be a fun and creative way to cover over an unwanted design; but the trend for tattoo makeovers will always involve adding more ink to the skin and covering a greater area. Think ahead to what happens if you fall out with the new one – more ink and another design, so the tattoo keeps growing? Once they have been created, tattoos are pretty much forever.

Laser tattoo removal offers another approach for clients having second thoughts about a tattoo.

Laser tattoo removal

tattoo removal londonLondon-based Cosmedics Beauty offers laser tattoo removal treatment for clients who’d just prefer to get rid of bad tattoos and start again or else enjoy ‘normal’ skin again.

This can be used on facial tattoos as well as those on the body, as the laser is very safe and treatment is kept comfortable thanks to inbuilt cooling.

The procedure is carried out using advanced laser technology which works to break down the ink within the skin. As the laser passes quickly and efficiently over the sin, the tattoo instantly starts to become less defined as the dark pigmentation is reduced.

A series of treatments will be required to fully get rid of the tattoo, but clients are delighted to see some progress from the first session.

Harmony XL Pro

harmony laser londonCosmedics Beauty use the Harmony XL PRO laser system for laser tattoo removal.

  • Advanced laser system has Q-switched Nd:YAG technology
  • Can effectively treat dark tattoo inks including black as well as multi-coloured tattoos
  • Safe system with minimal risk of scarring or hypopigmentation

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Video: Laser Tattoo Removal

This video shows the first treatment session for laser tattoo removal, showing the instant and immediate difference as the ink starts to be broken down. Apart from the initial redness, the skin is starting to look clearer already.

Further treatments will be required to continue the process, breaking down remaining areas of ink to reveal clear and normal skin after healing.

Cosmedics Beauty

Cosmedics’ London Beauty Salons offer a range of advanced treatments including laser hair removal. Their Beauty Therapists are fully trained and qualified to use the powerful technology and offer an extensive choice of customisable options.

The Putney Beauty Salon also offers waxing, which is still very popular for fast and effective treatment.

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