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turmeric beauty adviceTurmeric has become a popular concept in the beauty industry, with new products looking to use the ingredient for extra benefits.

Using turmeric isn’t new – it has been used for centuries especially in the East where it was recognised for anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and skin brightening benefits.

MSN Lifestyle asked Dr Ross Perry, founder of Cosmedics Skin Clinics to explain. He says:

“Turmeric has been used for hundreds in years in beauty and cosmetics and has wonderful antioxidant properties which can help with a variety of skin conditions thanks to its inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities.

“Turmeric in skin products is great at tackling acne as it’s a natural antiseptic which helps to keep bacteria from spreading.

“It can also help ease other skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea and psoriasis. Turmeric can also reduce the appearance of scars, particularly caused by acne.”

A plethora of new products are entering the market including at-home skin masques and lotions. It is also being used in cosmetics, shampoo and facial oils.

However, clients can try out the benefits of turmeric without having to spend a lot of money. Dr Perry told MSN:

“Turmeric face masks are relatively easy to make at home and can help with greasy skin, open pores and acne. It will also soothe any redness.

“You can also eat turmeric raw or add to a smoothie.”

Acne Treatments

In cases of moderate or severe acne, eating or using turmeric is unlikely to be a radical miracle cure. Here, it is worth considering a professional acne treatment – especially if it has gone on a long time and not responded to skin care lotions, creams or serums.

Cosmedics Beauty based in Harley Street and Putney offers a host of potential solutions to acne using the latest technology and products.

CellumaNEW Celluma LED Light Therapy

This treatment uses selected LED (Light Emitting Diode) light waves. In ‘blue light’ mode, LED works to destroy the bacteria known to cause acne and inflammations (P. Acnes) while NIR (near infrared) can be used to work on inflammation and stimulate skin cell repair and renewal.


ClearSkinTM Laser Acne Treatment

after laser acne treatment clearskinbefore laser acne treatment clearskinClearSkinTM uses the Advanced Harmony XL Pro Laser to tackle excess oiliness, blitz dead skin cells and destroy bacteria. Treatment also stimulates healing and skin cell renewal.

Tests have shown average 80% acne clearance after a course of treatment with lasting results.


Cosmeceutical Skincare

The active ingredients in cosmeceutical skincare are not available on the high street, even over the counter. Regular use can make a real difference to the health and appearance of the skin. We offer top brand ZO Skin Health, developed by Dr Zein Obagi.


Cosmedics Beauty

Cosmedics’ London Beauty Salons offer a range of advanced treatments including laser hair removal. Their Beauty Therapists are fully trained and qualified to use the latest technology and offer an extensive choice of customisable options. We now have a choice of two fabulously equipped and appointed salons:

  • 4 Disraeli Road, Putney, London, SW15 2DS
  • 41 Harley Street, London, W1G 8QH

For further information, to book an appointment or for any queries, please call our friendly team on 0208 246 4861 or email info@cosmedicsbeauty.co.uk.