HD Brows Before and After Results Photos

Stunningly, Beautifully Groomed!

at Cosmedics’ Putney Beauty Salon

Eyebrow shaping can make a huge difference to the overall appearance of the face, as the latest ‘before and after’ pictures from Cosmedics Beauty illustrate. 

This client visited Cosmedics Beauty’s Putney salon for the full HD Brows experience.

The results show a neat, groomed and defined look which enhances the face beautifully in a treatment which takes under an hour, but comprehensively reviews the eyebrows from every possible angle.

hd brows results

HD Brows 7 Step Programme

HD Brows is a comprehensive 7-step programme for shaping and grooming the eyebrows, working to a set of aesthetic ‘rules’ which ensure balance and proportion.

Treatment works with your own natural eyebrows, creating a shape and enhancing the colour and definition to suit your face for a super-groomed look that is in perfect proportion with your features.

  1. Assessment and review of your face shape, colouring and natural brows
  2. Tinting of all brow hairs including those at the edges to give the maximum scope for shaping. HD Brows’ uses a special tint which lasts longer than traditional tints
  3. Waxing above and below the brows, working to HD Brow shaping guidelines to create a tailored and flattering shape
  4. Threading to remove any fine hairs surrounding the brows
  5. Tweezing for fine tuning the shape
  6. Trimming any overly long hair for neat finish
  7. Aftercare advice and demonstration of any recommended use of pencil or powder before ‘Brow Beater’ is applied to set everything into place

What Can I Expect?

For unruly or out of shape brows, the difference is phenomenal. Bringing order and structure to the eyebrows creates a more groomed appearance instantly. It can even be quite rejuvenating, providing a fresher and more youthful look than unkempt brows project.

If your brows have been over-plucked or badly shaped in the past, the HD Brows system will make the most of the current hair, however little there is. It will also help you work towards a fuller and more balanced shape going forward. Products are also available to stimulate growth.

More information about HD Brows.

Cosmedics Putney Beauty Salon

HD Brows treatment is available at Cosmedics’ Putney Beauty Salon, which is based just off the High Street, opposite Putney Library. Evening and weekend appointments are available.

The team of friendly therapists offer a range of treatments for the face and body plus Putney’s widest choice of hair removal.