Laser Tattoo Removal London

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As tattoos have grown in popularity, so has laser tattoo removal!

Tattoos are by definition permanent, but many people do come to regret the artwork. It may be an ex partner’s name, something that has become outdated, like a band, film or TV programme, or just a design that they come to dislike in later years.

Laser tattoo removal is a treatment which offers a solution for unwanted designs inking designs on their face or body.

Before and After Photos

Laser Tattoo Removal London

Although a course of treatment is recommended for best results, even the first session can show a definite result.

These photos show the results after just one treatment. The laser has already started to break down the permanent ink so that the tattoo appears a lot lighter and patchier.

Further treatments will give an even better result, tackling remaining areas of dark ink to continue the process of eradication.

london laser tattoo removal results

Tattoo Removal Laser

Laser tattoo removal is a solution which uses advanced technology to break down the permanent ink so that it can be expelled by the body, leaving the skin clear.

Harmony XL Pro

harmony laser londonCosmedics Beauty’s laser tattoo removal is carried out with the Harmony XL Pro system.

This uses Nd:Yag laser technology to target different ink colours with high intensity laser energy.

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