Bikini Line Shape Choice Statistics

If they idea of having somebody else sorting out your bikini line leaves you feeling confused and embarrassed, you’re not alone.

So what do other people do?

It’s not a matter which crops up often in conversation and the area tends to be fairly well hidden!

Surveys have shown that bikini line hair grooming is now quite the norm, with a survey for Cosmopolitan by YouGov in 2016 revealing how much hair people are removing. The results show that 96% of women under the age of 30 carry out some form of grooming:

  • 47% now remove ALL their pubic hair (known as the ‘Hollywood’ bikini line treatment)
  • 38% of women under 30 ‘trim’ bikini hair, leaving some in place, comprising:
    • 15% ‘standard’ bikini
    • 10% ‘full bikini’ line and 4% ‘small triangle’ (or ‘high bikini)
    • 5% Brazilian (which leaves a small patch on the pubis)
  • Only 4% of women under 30 do no pubic hair management at all

Bikini Line Guide

bikini style guideTo help embarrassed clients with confusion about what ‘style’ of bikini line would best suit them, Cosmedics Beauty have produced their exclusive ‘Bikini Line Style Guide‘.

This gives a summary of the key styles with a description to help clients.

  • Standard bikini – neatly trimmed, leaving a small triangle of hair
  • High bikini – trimming down to a thin ‘landing strip’
  • Brazilian – leaves just a small patch on the pubis
  • Hollywood – full removal throughout the pubic area

There is no need to be embarrassed as their trained and experienced beauty therapists will have seen many previous clients.

Bikini Line Grooming

One thing’s for sure, DIY bikini line grooming is no easy feat. Cosmedics’ Putney Beauty Salon offers treatment by qualified and and experienced therapists:

  • Laser hair removal with the award-winning Soprano ICE – surprisingly pain-free thanks to the in-built cooling, this option gives clients significant and permanent hair reduction over a course of treatment
  • Waxing – the traditional, fast and effective option for removing unwanted hair and tidying up the bikini line. This is cheaper per session, but will need to be repeated regularly to maintain the benefit

Putney Beauty Salon

Cosmedics’ Putney Beauty Salon offer a range of advanced hair removal, face and body treatments using the top of the range technology such as the CACI Ultimate, EDS and hydradermie. Their beauty therapists also offer popular and cost-effective waxing, manicures and facials.

Treatment is held in comfortable and private treatment rooms conveniently located off Putney high street.

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